Premier CruSantenay « Gravières »

  • 2014
  • Grape variety

    Pinot Noir

  • Age of the vines

    20 years (0.40 ha) and 55 years

  • Area

    1.30 ha

  • Appellation

    Santenay is located right south to Chassagne Montrachet and is the most southern village of Burgundy famous "Cote D'or" ("Golden Coast") region. The etymology of Santenay is most probably connected to the word "Sanctus" which refers to a sacred place before Christian era. The appellation, 140 ha of planted vines, is composed of three areas, one next to Chassagne, one around the village and one just south of the village. It is today mainly a Pinot Noir planted appellation however the Chardonnay are revealing high potential there.

  • Vineyard

    The Gravieres belongs to the area right next to Chassagne and has a southern to southern east exposure with an elevation of 230 to 260m. The word Gravieres refers in French to "Gravel" that we can find on all the parcels, going down from the upper part of the hill. The upper crust of the soil being dominated by clay while going toward more sand structure when digging deeper. Gravieres is perhaps the most prestigious parcel in Santenay.

  • Date of harvest

    14th of September 2014

  • Ageing

    18 months, 45% new French Oak

  • Date of bottling

    June 2016

  • Guard time

    Ready to drink in 2018 until 2024 and more

  • Temperature


  • Characteristic

    After the dormant winter period, the vines returned to life in clement, warm and dry conditions. At the end of June, the weather changed, becoming cool and damp, but ripening continued nonetheless. The return of the sun and a northerly wind - the signature of September in the Bourgogne wine region - led to ideal conditions for the vines to reach full maturity. Picking began in mid-September in a serene and sunny atmosphere.

  • Wine-food pairing

    Slow-cooked dishes like braised veal or beef, Glazed or caramelised poultry, Brie de Meaux, Pont-l'Evêque, Cîteaux ...

  • Tasting note

    Flattering and flamboyant notes of fruits with red and black cherries, spices like tobacco and cloves. Very nice mouth aromatic pallet nevertheless with cherries, tobacco and spices such as cinnamon and cloves.

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